Wednesday, August 17, 2011

River gypsies

more photos :

Magical Mystery Tour...last night....whaaaat?

ahahahah yeppp this picture reminds me of last night. riding our boards down the river, crazy current (which was very strong and kept leading us into the rocks) freaking out over the snakes, glow in the dark fish/ possibly glow sticks !? , listening to The Right Type by Chromeo/ Beach Comber by Real Estate over and over again, being farrr out in the river and still being able to hear my bose speakers blasting some chill tunes, screaming over the jellyfish/snakes, watching the foggy glare that the almost full moon created on the water , realizing it was 1:30am and deciding to leave in a rush throwing things into the car and 'calling' was definitely a magical mystery tour

Vibes. photocred to some awesome tumblr people

hey thereeee mr. nobody

wasssuppp..... since this is my first post I sort of feel like I am talking to myself here...which I am actually completely okay with because I could do that for hours. As I said in my little "about me section" this blog will be a completely random mix of music, pictures , stuff I like and yeahhhh again with the blahhh blahhh blahh whateverrrr <-3